Message From Our Director Of Recruitment

Dear Prospective Rushee,

I rushed Alpha Kappa Psi in the Spring of 2018 with the Gamma Phi pledge class. Before rushing AKPsi I felt lost on campus, but luckily my roommate convinced me, a psychology major, to rush a professional business fraternity with her. Alpha Kappa Psi quickly became my home and my brothers became my family. Just like a family, my brothers supported me, cared for me, and helped me be the best possible version of myself.

After being a part of this organization for a full year, I can see that AKPsi is about even more than finding a family on campus. AKPsi pushes members to develop skills like service, integrity, and one especially important to me - professionalism. I have seen that professional development is more than just learning to write resumes and how to prepare for an interview; it is spending late nights in the library to help your brothers prepare for tests or interviews; it is being motivated to venture outside your comfort zone to take terrifying, yet rewarding risks; and it is improving not only yourself, but also the people around you.

Hannah Rush Pic.png

AKPsi has positively shaped the entirety of my college experience through providing me with friendships, skills, and memories that will last a lifetime. From traveling the world to spending hours in the library, I know that my brothers will always be by my side. I would not be the happy, confident, and outgoing person that I am today without this organization, and I know that AKPsi will do the same for you. I highly encourage everyone to come out to our Spring 2019 Rush Events to see for yourself all of the qualities that make Alpha Kappa Psi shine.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally with any questions and / or join our Recruitment Newsletter to learn more about Alpha Kappa Psi and Spring 2019 Recruitment.


Hannah Bartolomea

Director of Recruitment, Spring 2019.