Rush FAQ


What is the Rush Process like?

Recruitment includes both Rush week and a bid interview. Rush week consists of five social events where you to see if AKPsi is a good fit for you. Rush week is followed by a mandatory interview. This is not meant to be stressful or hard, it is just an opportunity for us to gage your interest, personality, and professionalism. By signing up for our Spring 2019 Newsletter you will be provided with reminders about Rush events and how to prepare for them.


What does Alpha Kappa Psi look for in a potential candidate?

While there is no specific type of person we are looking for, Alpha Kappa Psi is interested in highly motivated individuals who desire to better themselves. We like to see students who show characteristics of leadership, passion, and individuality, who are motivated to add value and growth to our chapter. The focus is not on perfection but on your potential to grow and make an impact on AKPsi, campus, and life after college.


Do you have to attend all recruitment events in order to qualify for membership?

No. We understand that individuals have other priorities such as work, school, or personal matters. Although it is not required, we recommend our prospective members to take advantage of the multiple events we host to see if Alpha Kappa Psi is a good fit. Coming to our recruitment events will show the brothers the interest you have in joining if you choose to move on to the interview process. Quality time leads to quality decisions that result in quality members.


Who can Rush AKPsi?

All undergraduate students at ASU with at least two academic semesters left and a 3.0 GPA are welcome to apply! We offer students of all majors a chance to develop themselves professionally and network with goal-oriented individuals.


Is there hazing?

No. Alpha Kappa Psi has strict policies against hazing. The events with pledges and active brothers are meant to build upon our five core values: Brotherhood, Unity, Service, Integrity, and Knowledge.


How hard is pledging? What is the pledging process like?

The pledge process is all about time management. The time commitment of pledging is comparable to the time commitment of one class at ASU. Our pledge process is designed to challenge and test individuals for professional and personal growth. As long as you can manage your time properly, pledging is a great and fun experience.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact our Director of Recruitment at . We also post frequent updates on our newsletter and social media pages, so sign up for our newsletter at the top of the page and follow our Instagram or Facebook!  In addition, we are hosting two info sessions that will allow you to get a better understanding of AKPsi and the recruitment/pledging process. Those will be Thursday (1/10) in MU 225 (Yuma) from 5:30 - 6:00 and Monday (1/14) in Cottonwood 103 in Barrett from 4:30 - 5:00.